T7 Heavy Duty stage V


To get ahead in modern agriculture you need to be strong. Your farm needs to be strong, and most of all you tractor needs to be strong. That is why the T7 Heavy Duty range has been engineered by design with multiple built in strengths. 

More power. Up to 313hp(CV) is on tap, enhancing your T7’s strength to work with the most power hungry implements.
More comfort. Up to 20 LED work lights keep you working around the clock and ultra comfortable seats mean operators keep their strength up all day long.
More efficiency thanks to ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology to keep your fuel costs low and your bank balance even stronger.
More versatility. Your T7 Heavy Duty is strong enough to deal with draft work, tillage applications, baling, transport.

You name it. The T7 Heavy Duty does it. Built in Strengths. Job done.


66 dBA is an impressive value made possible by the new robotically welded cab frame and how
it’s isolated from the tractor’s driveline. Noise quality has also been targeted resulting in upgrades
to transmission components.
Providing the operator with a climate control system with the ability to cope with rapid cool down
requests resulted in a new system with a 35% increase in capacity. Effortlessly controlled from the
SideWinder™ Ultra armrest and with multiple zones directing air around the cab.
Isolating the driver from the daily rigours of working on fields and tracks is taken care of with the
standard Terraglide™ front axle suspension and the Comfort Ride™ cab suspension and finally the
most comprehensive selection of driver’s seats.