T7 Stage V


T7 tractors boast New Holland’s cutting-edge ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Stage V compliance. This means that the 6.7 litre Nef engine benefits from exceptional breathability for a significant performance advantage. T7 tractors now offer up to 19hp(CV) more power and 139Nm of torque over the previous T7000 range. With Engine Power Management, up to 51hp extra is available for optimum productivity.


T7 tractors are designed to make operation even easier. The SideWinder™ II armrest reduces fatigue and increases operating pleasure, even at the end of long working days. Award-winning ABS SuperSteer™ technology enhances safety and improves turning efficiency. The Horizon™ cab offers exceptionally low noise levels of just 69dB(A) and brilliant all-round visibility. For a touch of operating luxury, the heated and extended rear mirrors can be adjusted from the comfort of the cab and help to eliminate awkward and potentially dangerous blind spots.


T7 tractors benefit from Nef engines that use ECOBlue™ SCR emission reduction technology. Matched with the advanced Auto Command™ transmission, fuel use is cut by up to 10%, as proved by independent testing. 750 hour engine service intervals continue to set the standard.


The nine-model T7 series has a power and transmission choice for every application. Combined with their exceptional power to weight ratios of up to 25.8kg/hp(CV), these tractors offer exceptional versatility. From draft to top work, spraying to transport, a T7 tractor will do it all.